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Putting sleepless nights to bed

Is your baby waking every few hours? Refusing to nap in their cot or pram? Refusing to nap at all? Or only falling asleep if you feed or rock them? Whatever the issue, you’re in the right place.


I am a fully qualified sleep consultant and mother who is here to help you – I've been there! I will work on a bespoke programme to suit your parenting style and be there to support you every step of the way until you have achieved better sleep for your family.

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What my families say...

 At 19 months we’d got to the point of having no evenings without Darcey screaming the house down for hours before us giving up trying to put her down in her cot and sleeping on the floor with her.  Lauryn’s method of training saw her go from that, to her sleeping in her cot and going down happily every night in under ten minutes.  The whole process only took a few days for us and has changed our lives. 

Lizzie and Darcey

I’m so glad I used Lauryn. My 27 month old was driving me crazy with tantrums, constant waking, lack of sleep, affecting both day & night time. With another baby on the way, I needed to fix it quickly.
Lauryn came up with a plan to suit our needs, and after just day 2 our 27 month old turned a complete 360! I can now sleep peacefully through the night myself & little one is clearly happier for it, with a good nights sleep, making a huge difference in the day. So glad I went with the top package so we have you for baby no.2 if needed!
 That moral support really helped mentally enable me to persevere through the process.
Now I will be highly recommending you myself.

Tina and Teniola

Lauryn has massively helped us with our 2 1/2 year old. It had got to the stage where he would refuse to go to bed in his own room and would take hours to settle him. After working with lauren after only a matter of days the improvements were vast. Lauren worked with us on a great plan and was a constant pillar of support always checking in. We now have our evenings back and He goes to bed like a dream. Highly recommend

Lucy and Toby

Lauryn has been such a help through a bit of a rough patch (four month sleep regression) with our son. Couldn’t recommend her more, she takes the time to get all the information and put a plan together that has made us see such a difference! my son now naps for 3 reliable naps a day and 11-12 hours at night!

Sian and Archer

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