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When is it time to make a change?

Before you became a parent, everyone was super keen to tell you how tired you would be and how you'd never get a good night's sleep again.

Although it is true, becoming a parent definitely added a whole new level of tired to my life. Bad sleep doesn't always have to be something you accept, especially if it is affecting your health/wellbeing or that of your family. Lets face it, even when they sleep well, we are tired thanks to the mental load of simply being a parent.

You do not need to start feeling guilty and thinking that you should accept frequent night-wakes because you chose to become a parent. Sleep training is NOT the only answer and should only be considered as a very last resort.

So, when is the time to consider investing in sleep support? I would say always begin by checking the basics yourself before investing e.g:

  • Sleep Environment (Cool, dark, conducive to sleep, safe.)

  • Routine (Good balance of day sleep, appropriate bedtime, consistency)

  • Wind-down (Consistent bedtime routine and a mini version for day naps.

If you have checked and considered all of the above and feel like there is still an issue that needs addressing, it could be worth talking to a qualified sleep consultant. Other reasons to consider seeking support could be:

  • Sleep is becoming an all-consuming source of anxiety for you.

  • Lack of sleep is impacting your health physically and mentally.

  • Tiredness is having a negative impact on your relationship.

  • You are trying to do it all yourself and need someone to support you through.

When working with families, my support is always judgement-free, no matter how you are choosing to survive at the moment. Sleep deprivation is not something we simply have to accept because we became parents. There are changes we can make and we can get results quickly which will improve the development, wellbeing and health of the entire family.

If you are interested in sleep support, check out my package options or book a FREE call today to discuss your sleep issues.

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