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About Me

Lullaby Lauryn with daughter and husband
Lauryn and daughter Eliza

A Little About Me

In 2012, my passion for child psychology and development led me to train to become a teacher. I have taught in both primary and secondary schools, specialising in delivering Drama and English.


I love this career so much, I still do it in a lovely school in Hertfordshire alongside my new passion – sleep coaching.


When I was pregnant with Eliza, one thing my husband and I were dreading was the lack of sleep we were likely to face. I decided to get ahead and undertake research around how we may be able to make the torture of sleep deprivation more manageable.


I found more than I ever thought would be possible through various blogs, books and podcasts and I genuinely enjoyed everything I learned around the science of sleep. I put in all into practice and Eliza was sleeping through the night by 5 months old.


I never had to leave her to cry and would never recommend that to my families, I believe children who receive comfort become more secure and confident as they grow and my sleep training style very much reflects my values.


I trained as a Sleep Consultant in 2021 and have since helped many families improve their sleep within weeks.


You never need to accept bad sleep; it has a serious effect on our wellbeing, relationships and mental health.


My aim is to help you be the thriving, happy and healthy parent you want to be for your little ones. I believe YOU are the expert on your baby and we can become a team to help you put your sleepless nights to bed.

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